Terms & Conditions



Market Stall

Limited availability. Allows for sales and experiential engagements in prime market location with foot traffic on three sides.


Size: 6M x 6M

$2250 + GST


Market Stall

For mid- and large-sized businesses, including corporations and large
organisations, providing information, experiential engagement and product

Size: 6M x 3M

$950 + GST



For small businesses selling food and products

Size: 6M x 3M

$460 + GST



Providing community information /


Size: 6M x 3M

$350 + GST



For small businesses selling food and products

Size: 3M x 3M

$230 + GST

Community Stall

Providing community information /


Size: 3M x 3M

$175 + GST

Optional: Power to your site

Must be booked at time of booking stall.


Allows you to plug in a standard house hold plug and draw up to a
total of 10 amps

$95 + GST


Allows you to draw up to 32 amps
and Incudes cost for transformer box

$230 + GST



  • Each stall receives a designated pre-allocated and marked out site

  • Stall holders need to provide all equipment necessary for the safe and efficient running of the stall including shelter, power (if not booked  through us), equipment for payment and appropriate tables /displays and council license requirements.

  • Due to limited parking at Coyle Park each 3x3 stall space will receive ONE car park access pass only as part of their confirmation pack. This will allow you access to park in the market stalls carpark through the Bangor Street Car Park. Any vehicle without a valid pass displayed in the car park will be towed at the vehicle owners cost.

  • Market activity is limited to your market stall only - No roaming beyond your stall is permitted (Including roaming sampling)

  • The Big Gay Out is a community event that celebrates diversity. Please treat all people with respect at all times.

  • Water tap will be available at the event at the facilities area.

  • Waste Management – ZERO WASTE EVENT:

    • it is a requirement of Auckland Council to ensure there is no impact on the environment. Therefore we ask that all rubbish that you generate is to be taken away with you, including any liquid waste

    • Please note if you mark, spill or damage the ground below your allocated stall, you will be invoiced the cost to repair the damage

    • As we are a Zero Waste event, please ensure all packing items such as cups and bags are recyclable.

  • No Refunds.


  • Once we have received your stall application, we will process the stall request and allocate you a stall location. You will then be sent an invoice for payment.

  • Invoice will need to be paid by the due date to ensure your stall space is not reallocated



Q: Auckland Council have indicated that you only need to get a Food Health License if you anticipate doing more than one food stall a year. As I am only doing one food stall a year, do I need to get a food health license / permit?
A: YES – This indicates to us that you are a qualified provider to provide food service therefore limiting our event public liability requirements

Q: Can I get a stall larger than 3M x 3M or 3M x 6M?
A: YES – Please contact to discuss additional costs and availability

Q: Can I place a sandwich board style sign in the isle?
A: NO – Your full stand set up must be contained within your allocated marked out space

Q: Where do my staff park their vehicles?
A: We have limited space within the market stalls car park and only 1 vehicle pass per 3x3 space will be issued. If you have additional staff working, we recommend they come early and park on the street before the road block or taxi / bus into the Coyle Park

Q: What are the conditions that will result in a call to move the event to the rain date?
A: Forecast for adverse conditions via Accuweather Professional for the Pt Chevalier area. If the forecast is for scattered showers we will likely proceed on our main event day

Q: If the call is made to move to the rain date and I am unable to attend, can I get a refund?
A: No

Q: If the main event date and rain date is forecast for adverse rain, will we get a refund?
A: No

Q: How will you communicate a rain date call?
A: The email will be sent out to the contact provided below

Q: Can we have sub-contractors drop off and set up gear for us?
A: Ideally no, but please contact to discuss

Q: Why is there a different rate for 2019 for Corporate Companies?
A: This new category aligns the Ending HIV Big Gay Out with the pricing structure for other similar events held in New Zealand

Q: What is my market stall fee used for?
A: The Ending HIV Big Gay Out is a free to attend event and is owned by a charity (New Zealand AIDS Foundation). All funds generated from the Market Place contribute towards the production costs for the event.


Please email with BIG GAY OUT MARKET PLACE as the subject if you have any questions regarding market stalls.